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AZURE SOLUTIONS ARCHITECT EXPERT¬- is a Microsoft certification intended to equip professionals with advanced knowledge and experience in IT operations, such as networking, virtualization, identity, security, business continuity, disaster recovery, data platform, budgeting, and governance. This certification is an excellent way to demonstrate your expertise and differentiate yourself in a competitive market. You may use an Azure Solutions Architect Expert certification to work in a variety of industries, including healthcare, banking, and entertainment.


AZURE DEVELOPER ASSOCIATE- the Microsoft Azure Developer Associate certification is role-based and is designed to expand Azure development skills to meet future business needs such as cloud solutions design, to development, deployment, testing and maintenance. This certification serves like a proof of your commitment, guarantees a flexible career and promises an attractive salary package.


AZURE DATA SCIENTIST ASSOCIATES- This Microsoft certification prepares professionals for creating AI solutions that meets business goals using machine learning techniques such as natural language, computer vision and predictive analytics. So if you want to get a raise or maybe a new job, this certification is for you, coupled with the fact that it is globally recognized and valuable anywhere you go in the world.
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Microsoft azure certification is for students, changing careers, or anyone else wanting to explore a career in technology. At this time, MTA is only available to students, faculty, and staff of an accredited academic institution that is an approved MTA testing center.

In order to earn an Microsoft azure Certification, candidates only need to pass one exam. 1 Exam = 1 Certification.

Earning the Microsoft azure Certification can help students stand out with college admissions and internship applications. This certification proves commitment and knowledge of fundamental technology concepts.

Having a validated certification from a reputable organization like Microsoft is a great way to launch a successful career!

The exam retake policy for Microsoft azure certification is the same as our Technology Specialist and Professional exams. You can find more about these policies on the Microsoft Learning website.

Yes, Azure Certifications are valid for 2 years. 6 months prior to expiry, you will become eligible to renew it online. To be clear, you are renewing a certification title, not specific exams. Therefore, if you are Azure Solutions ArchSitect Expect Certified, you need to complete 1 renewal, not 2.

Microsoft Azure Certification exams typically range between 40 and 60 questions.

Choose a certification depending on your knowledge and job profile. There are four levels in Azure certifications- Fundamental, Associate, Expert and Specialty.

Regardless of the segment of IT you belong to – whether a developer, an admin or an analyst – Azure training increases chances of professional growth and widen the career path for you. Azure certifications not only lead to more job opportunities but also upsurge possibilities of high paying jobs and promotions.

Certificates are only available through online download. You can obtain any of your Microsoft certificates using the Microsoft Certified Professional website. You will need your Windows Live ID that has been associated with your Microsoft Certified ID in order to access this site.