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Get Skilled & Certified in M.C.E. & M.C.C.T within a month to increase your chances of qualifying for the Job opportunity in the U.K.


The United Kingdom has announced a rare opportunity to recruit teachers with at least two years of teaching experience from Nigeria and other eight countries. According to the statement issuing the information, From February 1, 2023, teachers who qualify can apply for QTR through the TRA.

The demand for teaching professionals has risen since the beginning of 2022 in UK. The UK National Education Union (NEU) revealed that new graduates are not choosing teaching professions. So, the UK department of education has promised to increase the salaries of the lowest-paid teachers to about £30,000 in 2023 and requires no professional qualification to apply.

Eligible applicants would first be required to have a qualified teacher status (QTS), a qualification awarded by the Teaching Regulation Agency, and then prove a high level of teaching and delivery competence. In such situations, the Microsoft Certified Educator (MCE) & Modern classroom certified trainer (MCCT) Certifications are your surest bet.

Increase your chances of being picked. Equip yourself with the following certifications offered by NEW HORIZONS NIGERIA:

  • MCE(Microsoft Certified Educator)
  • MCCT( Modern classroom certified trainer) 

Step up your game. Be among those who stand a higher chance of being qualified for a lifetime opportunity as a school teacher in the UK, and start earning as much as 50 Million Naira annually.

Even if you do not wish to travel, these certifications would propel you to a better career advancements in teaching field and give you an advantage in earning a better salary.


Get Certified In

MCE(Microsoft Certified Educator)

Microsoft Certified Educator (MCE) is a certification program offered by Microsoft to help educators and trainers demonstrate their expertise in using Microsoft technology in the classroom. The program focuses on the use of Microsoft Office 365, Windows, and other Microsoft tools to improve teaching and learning

The MCE program covers the following topics:

  • Using Office 365 in the classroom
  • Windows 10 and Windows in education
  • Minecraft: Education Edition
  • Microsoft Teams for education
  • Microsoft Edge and OneNote
  • Microsoft Forms and Office Lens
  • Microsoft Power Platform
  • Microsoft Surface
  • Introduction to Cloud concepts
  • Digital literacy and Digital Citizenship

To maintain the certification, there are some requirement to be done. Like taking training, participating in events or publishing in Microsoft education community.

Who is This Course For

This course is designed for individuals who teach, lead, or facilitate courses. It covers the objectives to help candidates prepare for the Logical Operations Modern Classroom Certified Trainer (MCCT) Exam.

Get Certified In

MCCT(Modern classroom certified trainer)

Learn how to effectively use modern technology and teaching methods in the classroom. These programs covers topics such as integrating technology into lesson plans, using digital tools to enhance student engagement and collaboration, and effectively managing a classroom with technology

course outline include:

Lesson 1: Introducing the Modern Classroom

Lesson 2: Facilitating a Learning Event

Lesson 3: Delivering a Modern Training Event.

Lesson 4:   Preparing for Delivery

Lesson 5: Troubleshooting the Modern Classroom

Course Objectives
In this course, you will learn how to be an effective trainer in the modern classroom.
You will:
• Describe modern classroom concepts and environments.
• Facilitate a course by initiating the class, managing learners, and finalizing the class.
• Deliver a modern class face-to-face, in a virtual classroom, and asynchronously.
• Prepare to deliver a modern class.
• Troubleshoot common problems in a modern classroom.

Who is This Course For

This course is designed for individuals who teach, lead, or facilitate courses. It covers the objectives to help candidates prepare for the Logical Operations Modern Classroom Certified Trainer (MCCT) Exam.

To apply for assessment only QTS, interested candidates do not need a formal teacher training qualification. However, you must have:

■ A minimum of 2 years of teaching experience:
■ A first (bachelor’s) degree from a UK or non-UK university
■ An English language qualification which is the same standard as a grade 4 GCSE (General Certificate of Secondary Education)
■ A maths qualification which is the same standard as a grade 4 GCSE to teach children aged 3 to 11 in primary school and A physics, chemistry, or biology (science) qualification which is the same standard as a grade 4 GCSE

What Is QTS

It is a legal requirement to teach in English schools and is a requirement for all teachers in majority of the schools in England.
Benefits of QTS

  • £30,000 salary annually
  • Every QTS teacher is eligible to bonus or commission
  • Generous time off policy (including 4 days for volunteer activities
  • Health insurance
  • Legal insurance
  • Q-rest sabbatical program
  • 11 paid holidays
  • Employee tuition assistance program

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