Benefits of TOGAF 9.1

Any organization undertaking, or planning to undertake, the development and implementation of an enterprise architecture for the support of business transformation will benefit from use of TOGAF.

Organizations seeking Boundaryless Information Flow can use TOGAF to define and implement the structures and processes to enable access to integrated information within and between enterprises.

Organizations that design and implement enterprise architectures using TOGAF are assured of a design and a procurement specification that can facilitate an open systems implementation, thus enabling the benefits of open systems with reduced risk. 

Training Objectives for Level 1 and 2
  • Architecture Development Method (ADM) phases in the development of an enterprise architecture.
  • Architecture Governance in development of an enterprise architecture.
  • TOGAF Architecture Content Framework.
  • Building Blocks concept.
  • Stakeholder Management Technique.
Target Audience
  • Architects who will be responsible for developing architecture artifacts
  • Architects who wish to introduce TOGAF 9 into an architecture practice
  • Architects who want to achieve a recognized qualification to demonstrate their detailed knowledge of TOGAF 9.
  • Individuals who require a basic/deeper understanding of TOGAF 9 
  • Architects who are looking for a first introduction to TOGAF 9 
Course Outline
  • Management
  • The TOGAF 9 Components
  • Architecture Development Method
  • The Enterprise Continuum
  • The Architecture Repository.

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