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Robotics is commonly defined as study of the intelligent connection between perception and action.
This program covers basic concept of robotics, with the course you will understand the basics of how to design and program robots, it also explains how to control simple motor, after this course you will easily be able to move into advance robotics courses.

At course completion of the training students will be able to:

  • Assembling and understanding how a robot works
  • Construct a robot to learn programming
  • Connect the robot to a mobile device
  • Know what an algorithm is
  • Write first algorithm
  • Move and rotate a robot
  • Interact with the robot
  • Make plans for experiments.

What you will learn:

  • To assemble components of a robot
  • Work with different robots
  • You will be able to easily move on to some advance robotics training
  • Program a robot to do some basic things.
  • Program the DIY (Do it yourself)
  • Learn to program robots in a professional way


  • None
  • Robot kits and internet (for virtual training)

Who is this course for?

  • Robotics enthusiasts, anyone interested in learning about robotics


  • 8 Years – 18 Years


Method of Training

  • Physical (Kits will be available) and Virtual (Kits will be provided by student)


At New Horizons, kids learn how to create their computer games, mobile apps, animated stories, media-rich projects, and science projects in a rich learning environment for kids of all ages. In addition, our flexible programs for kids make it easy for parents with convenient drop-in hours on weekends.

Why Choose Us?

Hands-On Approach

Opportunities to learn highly sort after ICT skills through a hands-on approach


Opportunity to become an International Certified IT Professional


Free Mentorship on ICT and entrepreneurship

Cost Effective

Students will work in groups to develop projects about their acquired skills.

Project Based

Presentation of projects
carried out at the end of the Programme.

What Parents are Saying


Michael Ogundipe

At first, honestly, when I heard New Horizons, I was like 'That name sounds razz' But coming here, I saw that it was an organized place and I really had peace bringing my son Gerald here. He was always excited to come "

Awodokun Owobolanle

Thank you for all the encouragement New Horizons. The staff are amazing, you have a great learning environment. Thank you for all you did for me.

Mr. Oluwatosin O.

"New Horizons, thank you for transforming my daughter. Just two weeks of the summer code camp and I'm seeing him do amazing things with technology. Technology is indeed the future"

Mr. & Mrs. Ogunjobi

'I really enjoyed the 'Art of Possibility' New horizons instilled in me. The game i developed was tested on a computer and several devices. New Horizons is the best, very inspiring and engaging.'

Mrs. Efegherimoni

'New Horizons is an excellent ICT training center. Classes were delivered at a good pace and at a level accessible for all. i would love to come back next summer

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    Here are some of the most common questions, along with the complete answers from our support experts.

    we use different robotic kits like ez-robot and mbot

    improve their thinking ability, help them in subjects like maths, sciences. also, robotics in one of the new generation courses so they will be priveledge and have an edge over their pairs

    He/She will be better prepared to be a robotics engineer.

    We start from age 6 because we believe that at this age the child is able to use a computer independently

    Enrich your child's life today.


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