PYTHON Programming

The kids gets the opportunity to create something from nothing, use logic to turn Programming constructs into a form that a computer can run, and when things don’t work quite as well as expected, use problem solving to figure out what has gone wrong.

Programming is fun and sometimes challenging. The skills Learned from it can be useful both in school and at work even if your career has nothing to do with computers.

What you will learn:

Python is an easy-to-learn programming language that has some really useful features for a beginning programmer. The code is quite easy to read when compared to other programming languages, and it has an interactive shell into which you can enter your programs and see them run. In addition to its simple language structure and an interactive shell with which to experiment, Python has some features that greatly augment the learning process and allow you to put together simple animations for creating your own games, advanced graphics and animation.

At course completion of the training students will be able to:

  • Know what python programming is and its application
  • Know the Context of Software Development
  • Know Values and Variables in python
  • Know various Operators
  • Have an understanding of List, Tuple and Dictionary in python
  • Use Conditional Statements (If/else statement and other conditional expressions)
  • Know Functions and Classes in python
  • Build a Desktop Application(Software)


  • None

Who is this course for?

  • Young software developer
  • Techy student who want to start their tech life on a good platform


  • Above 8 Years & Above

Method of Training

  • Physical and Virtual (Laptops and internet)
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Got a Question?


Here are some of the most common questions, along with the complete answers from our support experts.

When kids train with us, we teach them how to code in Python programming language using Python IDEs and free source code editors like Visual studio code, sublime text etc.

Learning python will enhance the critical thinking and logical thinking ability of kids.

 This training will also enable them to be able to visualize and comprehend abstract concepts.

At course completion of the training students will be able to Build a Desktop Application (Software), develop a website and perform several programming tasks.

At New Horizons Nigeria, we recommend that the appropriate age to start programming should be at least 8 years.

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