Course Overview:

Our 9-Months curriculum is designed to get you hired. Classes are interactive and have a rigorous structure. Real Software Products are taken as a project with a team of 3-5 students. At New Horizons, students learn by building. While the linear progression of our curriculum is focused on building technical skills, our aim is to teach students how to become software engineers—which is distinct from simply knowing how to code. Students engage in a number of activities that will improve their communication and collaboration skills and immerse themselves in the technical community, helping build the foundation needed to grow as software engineers in the future.

Dive into the software development environment and the basics of computing, networks, and data structures. Discover the skills to build applications that meet user needs, model data, develop wireframes, and work collaboratively through version control.

Learn to build applications from the ground up using key programming languages and frameworks. Apply essential object-oriented programming concepts, write high-quality JavaScript, and leverage JS libraries like React to build a dynamic front-end. Incorporate functionality from third-party APIs and add complexity and nuance with Python, Django, and more.

At the conclusion of each program module, students build advanced Portfolio Projects to demonstrate both the technical skills they’ve gained in the module and their creativity which become MVPs for startups, and will be presented to different Tech-Startups Investors.

Our Students will push every line of code they write to GitHub giving them an extensive profile to show employers and fellow engineers. Also we expose our students to OEM’s like IBM, Microsoft, Google, technical Meetups and conferences.

Target Audience

This course is designed for individuals who have basic computer user skills and who are interested in obtaining a job as an entry-level IT technician.




I am satisfied with the training offered here and the instructor. I look forward to having another training session with New Horizons.
Imanche Victor Adeniy
ATC Nigeria
The Excel training was well laid out and the facilitator was very versed, he used multiple scenarios to explain the concept. I am very glad to have chosen New Horizons for this training.
Christian Udeh
The training is very excellent and it will help me to identify and resolve some database problems.
Hammed MuritalaMIS