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Our Certificates are recognized in over 90 countries.

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Our “7 Months Intensive Tech Training and Jamb Lesson” program offers a comprehensive approach to developing a high-paying Tech skill while also preparing intensively for Jamb. Participants would be certified with a diploma recognized in over 90 countries worldwide. In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, possessing essential tech skills is imperative for success in the global workforce. Professionals in various tech fields have the potential to earn lucrative salaries, with annual incomes reaching up to $150,000 or more as their expertise grows.

Available Courses


Create visually appealing interfaces with user-friendly experiences, mastering prototyping tools like Adobe XD or Figma, and understanding user research and usability testing.


Master HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and server-side languages like Python or PHP, while exploring frameworks like React or Angular for dynamic websites.


Develop expertise in network security, encryption, and ethical hacking techniques, including penetration testing and incident response, to protect digital assets from evolving threats.


Master programming languages like Python or Java for building robust applications, utilize Agile methodologies and Git for efficient project management and collaboration, and employ software testing techniques for reliability.


Acquire proficiency in Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator for graphic design, learn design principles such as typography and color theory, and understand branding and visual identity design.


Gain expertise in various digital channels including social media and SEO, create effective marketing campaigns, utilize analytics tools like Google Analytics, and explore content marketing and paid advertising strategies.

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For over 15 years, we have been making significant impact in the tech ecosystem, training and placing thousands of students in internship roles gicing them a great jump start in their tech career.

Keziah Owolabi Student

I'm happy & satisfied with the training I received at New Horizons Nigeria, with the help of the instructor I have been able to gain adequate knowledge that can be used to solve problems & build better innovations.

Ifeanyi Obinna AMCON

I'm so glad to have passed through New Horizons. Now I'm performing excellently in my web design. I'm lucky to have passed through this great institution. I have really gathered experience in my career.

Paul Jr. Student

My special appreciation to New Horizons Nigeria for knowledge impacted, would always remember the devotion to making the lessons understandable and lovely.

Joy Sunday UTAL

My CEH training went very well and it helped me in my career pathway.

Blessing Favour FFC

My CompTIA Security+ course training was helpful to me and the organization I work for.

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