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Linux system and Bash Script

  • Presentation of Linux Systems
  • Handling and use of a terminal
  • Setting up Bash Script

Python & Object Oriented Python

  • Mastering variables and types
  • Presentation of the various operators and their applications
  • Introduction to the concept of loops and control structures
  • Definition of a function on Python and presentation of their applications
  • Introduction to classes and modules
  • Preparation of the implementation, the parameterization and the chaining of Decorators
  • Differentiation and implementation of multithreading and multiprocessing on Python
  • Application of an asynchronous function on Python
  • Introduction to annotations and use of the mypy library


  • Introduction to relational databases relational databases
  • Presentation of SQL Alchemy and applications
  • Introduction to the basics of the SQL language
  • Learning SQL and its applications

Mongo DB

  • Introduction to databases NoSQL (document, column, graph oriented databases document, column, graph oriented databases)
  • Presentation of MongoDB
  • Familiarization with the syntax of
  • MongoDB queries


  • Description of a search engine
  • Presentation of an index and instructions for use
  • Development of a Mapping
  • Discovery of the different operations
  • Data pre-processing with Ingest Node
  • Extraction of data with the Text analyzer


  • Introduction to graph-oriented databases
  • Setting up a first graph
  • Introduction to the Cypher query language
  • Loading data into Neo40
  • Using a Python client for Neo45


  • Exploration of numerical variables
  • Exploration of categorical variables fry
  • Study of relationships between variables

Machine Learning

  • Data pre-processing
  • Selection and optimization of a Machine Learning algorithm
  • Definition and application of a regression regression algorithm
  • Definition and application of a classification algorithm
  • Development of clustering
  • introduction to PCA

Data Visualization with Matplotlib

  • Presentation of different types of graphs:
    Bar graphs (Barplots)
    Scatter plotsHistograms

• Box plots

• Pie Plots

-Dash application creation

Hadoop & Hive

  • How Hadoop works
  • Installation and configuration of Hadoop
  • Data processing and storage with HDFS
  • Introduction to MapReduce
  • Using Hadoop Streaming to run a Map/ Reduce file
  • Setting up data warehouses
  • Presentation of how Hive works


  • Distinction between Spark and Hadoop
  • Introduction to distributed computing with Spark
  • Overview of Spark's RDD and Dataframe APIs
  • Distributed Data Processing Pipeline with PySpark
  • Distributed Machine Learning with Spark MLLib


  • Presentation of column-oriented databases
  • Association of Hadoop (HDFS) and Hbase
  • Data queries
  • Data modification by P/thon and happybase


  • Introduction to version management system
  • Initialization of a Git repository
  • Presentation and deepening of git™





  • Implementation of unit tests with Pytest
  • Introduction to Integration Tests and their functions
  • Presentation of the advantages of testing time saving, readability, quality and quality and improvement of code

Quality Assurance

  • Discover the Github platform for collaborative work on Git
  • Presentation of the major features of GitHub:
    • Fork
    • Pull Request
    • Issues
  • Share your modifications with pull and push
  • Participation in the improvement of projects public (open source)
  • Overview of main git workflows

Streaming architecture

  • Real-time data flow management
  • Design of a hybrid Big Data architecture (batch and real time)
  • Implementation of a Lambda architecture

Spark Streaming

  • Presentation of the distributed streaming platform Kafka:
    • Architecture            • Advantages
  • Management of Producers settings

• Partitioning key

  • Mastering Consumers settings
    • Consumer group


  • Getting started with Spark Streaming for real-time data processing
  • Presentation of the mini-batch streaming necessary for the operation of Spark


  • Introduction to APIs and discovery of microservices architectures
  • Presentation of the different HTTP methods and their functions
  • Use of the FastAPl and Flask libraries to develop RESTful APIs
  • Documentation of an API with the
    OpenAPI specification
  • Error and performance management of anAPI


  • Presentation of containerization and its usefulness in relation to virtualization
  • Introduction to the functioning of Docker
  • Handling images and containers
  • Communication with containers
  • Data persistence thanks to volumes
  • Creating a Docker image via a Dockerfile
  • Sharing images on the Dockerhub
  • Use of docker-compose


  • Discovery of the Airflow concepts:

• Presentation of the principles of orchestration principles and usefulness
• Directed Acyclic Graphs or DAG
(Directed Acyclic Graphs)
• Operators
• Task management through specific
• Monitoring of DAGs via the graphical graphical interface


  • Deploy and manage containers

Skills Acquired At The End

  • Master the Linux operating system
  • Creating and managing Bash executables
  • Understanding and use object-oriented programming
  • Know how to choose a Database management system according to the use case
  • Handle a document-oriented database like MongoDB
  • Understanding the basics of the main Machine Learning algorithms
  • Mastering Numpy
  • Understanding the fundamental concepts of Big Data
  • Master the main tools for the management of Big Data
  • Mastering versioning tools
  • Be able to set up unit tests
  • Understanding APIs
  • Automate your tasks with Apache Airflow

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The training was an eye opener on the vulnerability and inherent risk we run as an institution. The training has empowered me to effectively mitigate the noted flaws in all platforms and block all loop holes that can be exploited by hackers.


Christian Onyenbeji

The training was an eye opener on the vulnerability and inherent risk we run as an institution. The training has empowered me to effectively mitigate the noted flaws in all platforms and block all loop holes that can be exploited by hackers.


Christian Onyenbeji