Enjoy this exciting offer of Payless Get More on any of these hottest cyber security training & certifications and save up to 500USD. When hackers are SMART, investigators need to be smarter. With increasing security threats, it’s of great importance that leaders know the language and cyber security frameworks to make informed authoritative decisions as regards the safety of their organization and digital assets. Utilize this amazing offer today by registering for any of the 3 courses (CEH, CHFI, CCISO), and get extra 3 courses worth $500 for free. The free courses include Cyber Security, Forensic, Certified Ethical Hacking, and Web Application Security.

Certified Ethical Hacking

The Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) credential is the most trusted ethical hacking certification and accomplishment recommended by employers globally. It is the most desired information security certification and represents one of the fastest-growing cyber credentials required by critical infrastructure and essential service providers.

Register for CEH v11 and get web application security free with one year access

Certified Hacking Forensic Investigator

Certified Hacking Forensic Investigator (CHFI) is designed for IT professionals involved with information system security, computer forensics, and incident response. CHFI provides you with a firm grasp of digital forensics, presenting a detailed and methodological approach to digital forensics and evidence analysis that also pivots around Dark Web, IoT, and Cloud Forensics.

Register for CHFI and get CEH Fundamentals, CHFI Fundamentals, Cyber Security Fundaments free with one year access(Certification of Certification issued by EC Council)

Certified Chief Information Security Officer

CCISO Certification is an industry-leading program that recognizes the real-world experience necessary to succeed at the highest executive levels of information security. Bringing together all the components required for C-Level positions, the CCISO program combines audit management, governance, IS controls, human capital management, strategic program development, and the financial expertise vital to leading a highly successful IS program.

Register for CCISO and get CEH Fundamentals, CHFI Fundamentals, Cyber Security Fundaments free with one year access(Certification of Certification issued by EC Council)


Imanche Victor AdeniyiATC Nigeria
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I am satisfied with the training offered here and the instructor. I look forward to having another training session with New Horizons.
Christian UdehAMCON
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The Excel training was well laid out and the facilitator was very versed, he used multiple scenarios to explain the concept. I am very glad to have chosen New Horizons for this training.
Hammed MuritalaMIS, IITA
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The training is very excellent and it will help me to identify and resolve some database problems.
Iroegbu BrightSAIPEM
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The course was helpful, interactive to know the fitment of business with IT service.
Vihishima J. TIOM
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The course was well taught and well understood.

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